About our Company 

We are trained forklift and saftey professionals with over 25 years experience in Powered Industrial Trucks. Our team of instructors have several years of experience in the manufacturing and warehouse  industry.

Our goal is to offer OSHA certified training classes for 
corporations and individuals who are looking to start a  new career or just looking to get re-certified.
                                                                                                                                             Our training courses are given in a professional class room 
atmosphere followed by hands-on driving training and a driving evaluation.
Start  a new career today
 B & W Forklift Training Center , LLC.
Class room course:
Will cover the following:

  I.     The OSHA Standard (29 CFR 1910.178) Reg.
 II.    Types & characteristics of forklifts
 III.   Forklift safety rules and regulations
 IV.    Basic driving, stability and load handling
  V.    Pre-operational inspections
 VI.    Fuels & batteries
 VII.  Certification Test  
After the forklift training course is completed
the individual will receive their certificate of
training and wallet card. (Good for 3 yrs.)
B & W Forklift Training Center 2009

Driving evaluation is taken place inside a warehouse setting.
          Discount to all Veterans